Best Rock Climbing in Pucón, Chile: Four Places You Must Check Out

A climber rock-climbing in El Cerduo, Chile on a sunny day
Pucón in Chile offers many great rock climbing places for all levels. In this article, we explore El Cerduo, Relicura, El Cañi, and Las Peinetas. Learn more about each one of them and how to get there.

Without further ado, here is why, how, and the best places for rock climbing in Pucón.

El Cerduo

How to get there: Exit Pucón on Camino Internacional towards Caburgua. Passing the airport on your left, on your right you will see a sign for El Cerduo. Turn right and follow the gravel road for 7 km, following the signs for “Escalada en roca,” Spanish for rock climbing.

About: With more than 50 routes for all levels of climbing, including multi-pitch options, and due to its proximity to Pucón, El Cerduo is a great place for a rock-climbing adventure in La Araucania and will entertain you for a couple of days. Its granite walls make it a challenging, but fun adventure. The private area requires a 3,000 CLP entrance fee. In exchange, the owners set up toilets, drinking water, and a small shop where you can buy snacks. They also offer camping grounds.

Tip: More than a few people bike to El Cerduo. While this is a good alternative if you don’t have a vehicle, make sure you carry enough water for the trip, especially during the summer months.

 El Cerduo offers a mix of sport and traditional climbing routes.


How to get there: Exit Pucón on Camino Internacional towards Caburgua. Turn left towards Huife and continue for approximately 20 km. At the intersection with Route S-905, turn left and continue for 15 km until you reach the Reliucura parking lot. The climbing spot is located approximately 2 km from the parking area and can be reached on foot.

About: Reliucura is an excellent alternative to El Cerduo for experienced climbers seeking a challenging, endurance-focused climb. The spot features an overhung wall, with high-quality conglomerate rock formations that provide good friction. Reliucura is set amidst stunning natural beauty, with nearby forests, rivers, and waterfalls. The entrance fee is 3,000 CLP and camping grounds are available.

Tip: On rainy days, this climbing spot is ideal. The overhang provides shelter from light rain, making it a great option on days when climbing might not seem possible.

Reliucura is known for endurance climbing. It requires a combination of physical and mental stamina, as well as efficient climbing techniques to conserve energy.

El Cañi

How to get there: Exit Pucón on Camino Internacional towards Caburgua. Turn right towards Huife and follow the road for approximately 20 km. Take the sharp turn towards Laguna San Jorge on your right and follow the gravel road for about 8 km until you see signs for Refugio El Cañi.

About: Refugio El Cañi, nestled in the highlands of Huife, is a charming climbing area with about 15 routes, mostly in the 6a-6c category. Most of the routes are sport climbing routes, though there are some traditional ones as well. The entrance fee is 2,500 CLP and beautiful camping grounds are available. 

Tip: Access to the last part of the gravel road leading to El Cañi may require a 4×4 vehicle due to its poor condition.

El Cañi is an ideal weekend rock-climbing getaway for climbers of all levels.

Las Peinetas

How to get there: Las Peinetas is a remote climbing spot on the Chile-Argentina border, located 70 km from Pucón. To get there from Pucón, take the Camino Internacional towards Caburgua, then turn right towards Palguin and the Mamuil Malal border crossing. Shortly after passing the town of Curarrehue, you will see a sign for Añihuarraqui bridge on your left. Cross it and enter the gravel road that will lead you to the beginning of the walking trail.

About: Las Peinetas (“the combs”), named for its geologic formation of volcanic origin shaped like edges, towers, and peaks, offers a traditional climbing experience with breathtaking views of volcanoes and lakes. To ensure a safe and rewarding climb, climbers should come equipped with the appropriate gear, the necessary skill set, and be in great physical condition. Experienced climbers looking for a challenging alpine-style climbing adventure in a stunning natural setting will find Las Peinetas an ideal destination.

Tip: To reach the climbing spot, a three-hour trek is required, leading to a camping-friendly valley. We highly recommend dedicating at least two days to this rock-climbing adventure, allowing ample time to enjoy the climb and scenery.

Las Peinetas offer an amazing alpine-style climbing adventure.



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