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Chile Mountain Guide was founded in 2022 by a passionate mountain guide, Mattias Vargas Bielefeldt, and a nature conservation professional and outdoor enthusiast, Liza Nagode. A couple met in Chile in 2020 and with time decided to unite their diverse experience, knowledge, and passion for mountains, to establish a company offering the finest mountaineering adventures across Chile.

The mission of the Chile Mountain Guide is to provide high-quality, unique experiences for our clients and inspire love and passion for mountains and nature.

Small client-to-guide ratios

Our client-to-guide ratios are small, which allows us to maximize the success and safety of our tours and expeditions, and provide personalized service to our clients. It is important for us that you have a fun, comfortable, and safe experience in the mountains, which can sometimes surprise us with harsh and changing conditions.

Sharing our knowledge 

We inspire our love and passion for mountains by sharing knowledge. Our guides are committed to not simply help achieve your objective, but also teaching you about different mountaineering techniques, usage of equipment, terrain conditions, etc. so that you can become more competent in the mountains.

Nationally certified guides

Our guides are certified by ANGM, National Mountain Guides Association in Chile which trains mountaineering professionals through their school run by the internationally recognized technical commission. They are also committed to maintaining a policy of constant improvement and training for all members.

Our team

Liza Nagode

Liza Nagode

Liza is a Co-Founder of the Chile Mountain Guide and a nature conservation professional, passionate about the outdoors, mountains, and sports. She is currently working full-time with the Charles Darwin Foundation’s Development team, while also managing client relations with Chile Mountain Guide. Before joining CDF, she worked as a Public Relations and Fundraising Assistant at Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda in Mexico and as an Equestrian Manager at Estancia La Margarita in Argentina.

Born and raised in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Liza obtained her undergraduate degree in International Relations from Skidmore College in the U.S. and a graduate degree in Conservation Science from Imperial College London in the U.K. She lives in Pucón, Chile.

Mattias Vargas Bielefeldt

Mattias Vargas Bielefeldt

Mattias is an ANGM-certified mountain guide (ANGM – National Mountain Guides Association in Chile). He has been guiding professionally for over a decade in alpine and ski mountaineering.

Mattias was born in Osorno, Chile. In 2012 he moved to Pucón to initiate his studies as an Adventure Tourism Guide Technician (mountain focused) at La Frontera University. In 2014, once graduated, he completed his first professional exams to start working as a mountain guide in the volcanoes of southern Chile, mainly in the Villarrica Volcano and others in the region of Araucaria and Los Lagos. Meanwhile, Mattias continued studying, obtaining accreditation as a wilderness rescuer, WAFA – WFR, as well as a Ski Patrol license from an Argentine association – AADIDESS, including American for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) Level I and Level II. This enabled him to continue his professional development as Ski Patrol at the renowned Santiago ski center and resort, El Colorado. He is currently continuing his IFMGA training at the Center for High Mountain Studies, CEAM – AGMP in Peru.

During his career, Mattias has had the opportunity to ascent various mountains throughout Chile, from the extreme north to the southernmost part of Patagonia, as well as a range of mountains in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, France, Italy, and Australia (the latter was focused on rock climbing). Notable summits include Mont Blanc (France), Ojos del Salado (Chile), Puntiagudo Volcano (Chile), Cabeza del Condor (Bolivia), and others.

When not on expeditions, Mattias lives in Pucón.

Leonardo Bastidas Zeman

Leonardo Bastidas Zeman

Leo, as his friends know him affectionately, comes from Santiago. His journey began with studies in Literature, but it was amidst the mountains that he felt a calling. This realization led him to pursue a career as an Ecotourism Technician, where his love for mountaineering and climbing deepened.

Over the span of two decades, Leo has cultivated his profession as a mountain guide, always advancing his knowledge in first aid, snow science, and avalanche search and rescue. Further enhancing his expertise, he obtained certification as a Guide/Instructor in Mountain and Rock Climbing through the National Mountain School (ENAM for its acronym in Spanish). This accreditation paved the way for his active membership in the Chilean Mountain Guides Association (ACGM for its acronym in Spanish) and the National Mountain Guides Association (ANGM for its acronym in Spanish) for more than a decade.

Leo’s adventurous spirit has taken him to climb in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, New Zealand, and across Chile. His diverse experiences include numerous mountain skiing and climbing expeditions, the opening of new climbing routes, and active involvement in various rescue missions.

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